May 2015

4 RC Drift Car Bargain Buys

When I decided to invest in the HPI Sprint 2 Drift as my first hobby RC car, I was taking a huge gamble with my limited funds. I didn’t know if I would like how the drift cars handle and perform, especially with the 50/50 4WD setup. Luckily, the little drift car instantly captured my heart and I haven’t looked back. I now realize that these little cars are worth every penny, and then some. You can take home your very own drift car chassis kit for less than $175 shipped by selecting one of the following models on this list.

Redcat Racing Lightning EPX

At just $129.99, the Redcat Racing Lightning EPX ready to run kit offers the most bang for your buck. Many enthusiasts applaud this brand as a nice mix of value and performance. The ready to run chassis setup comes with a 7.2V 1800mAh NiMh battery, brushed motor, transmission with reverse, servo and speed control.

You also receive a battery charger, transmitter and 2.4 GHz radio, but you do need to buy your own batteries for the receiver. The included gray and orange Lamborghini Gallardo body looks amazing flying by sideways or just sitting still.


The HPI E10 with the Falken Mustang body comes ready to go right out of the box. You will receive an assembled chassis, painted body, 2.4 GHz radio, transmitter, SC-15WP speed control, 540 27T motor, 2000mAh NiMh battery and battery charger. You just need to charge the battery and you will be ready to test out your new drift car.

This setup utilizes a shaft driven system, which eliminates worries about belts breaking over time. There are plenty of hop up parts available, in case you ever want to upgrade your vehicle’s speed and handling abilities. Once you apply the 011P3 coupon code to your order, the reduced price of $179.97 will drop even further to $163.97 with free shipping.

Tamiya TT02D

The TT02D by Tamiya is a 4WD, shaft driven vehicle fitted with a ton of high quality components. Like most Tamiya kits, your order will come with the clear Supra body, tub style chassis, 540 brushed motor equipped with a heat sink, TBLE02 speed control, drift tires, adjustable suspension components and oil filled shocks.

Before you can run this kit on the street, you will need to secure and equip your own radio, transmitter, servo and battery. Apply the 011P3 coupon code at the checkout screen to drop the $169.99 price down to just $153.99 with free shipping.

3Racing Sakura D3

Okay, I admit, the 3Racing Sakura D3 chassis is a bit different from the rest. Perhaps most importantly, it’s not a 50/50 setup, but rather, closer to a 70/30 split. As a result, this counter steer car will handle a lot differently than the others on this list. Furthermore, the D3 doesn’t come with a whole lot besides the chassis.

For $103.99 plus shipping, you get a high quality chassis equipped with a triple belt system. The motor sits up front in this car for superior weight distribution characteristics. The front steering arms give you ample turning radius to maintain a beneficial lock angle unmatched by the competition. With the chassis, you will also receive a set of drift tires and bright yellow rims.

Getting Sideways

If you pick up one of these drift cars for yourself, make sure to take the time to acquaint yourself with its interesting handling patterns. At least at first, hobby drift cars almost feel like they are gliding across the ice. Although I am not great at handling my drift car quite yet, I strive to take it out several times a week to practice. Hopefully, I will eventually develop the coordination needed to keep the high and low speed drift angles steady. Even if I never do, I will still have a great time sliding my little 350Z across the pavement.

**Disclaimer: I have provided affiliate links. If you’re not comfortable following those links, you can search for the RC model you want from Amazon’s main page instead.