August 2015

Finally Here!

Guess what finally arrived!? That’s right, my slipper clutch for the XV-01.


Can’t wait to get it installed and try it out.

Next up, universal shaft hop ups. Keep losing the dog bones left and right over jumps. What are your next planned RC car hop ups?


Painting New RC Car Bodies

We recently added three new RC bodies to our collection, the Lancia Delta Integrale, 72 Chevy C10 and the R32 Skyline. All three bodies started off clear and required custom paint to finish. We elected to use Tamiya paints all around due to their availability, price and quality. We were able to pick up the polycarbonate paints locally from Galaxy Hobby and HobbyTown USA.

Before painting, we carefully cut out the bodies using lexan scissors. We washed the bodies out with a small amount of dish soap and cool water. We removed all excess moisture with a couple thick paper towels. To finish up the prep process, we applied window-masking stickers to keep paint from adhering to those areas.

Lancia Delta Integrale XV-01

IMG_20150613_200741315 - Copy

Although the suggested bright white paint and iconic Martini livery looks absolutely stunning, I elected to go in a different direction with my Lancia. I selected the Tamiya Iridescent green and purple paint for my car. I left off the livery in favor of using just a few key accents.

As I added each coat of the iridescent paint, the body remained clear with just a hint of sparkly color. The iridescent paint received a thorough coat of PS-5 black backing to instantly allow the color to develop. I used one can each of the iridescent color and black backing to create the deepest tones possible. The plastic mirrors, spoiler and grill received a coat of Tamiya plastic paint in black.


72 Chevy C10 Stampede


For the C10, we elected to use Tamiya camel yellow paint with a black racing stripe, bumper and bed. Before starting the painting process on this body, it was necessary to tape off the racing stripe, bumpers and bed. We kept the tape in place while coating the rest of the body in yellow, and then a Tamiya white backing.


After carefully peeling off the tape, a thorough coat of black was applied across the entire body. The black backing color filled in the racing stripes and bed to create the desired final appearance. The combination of a white and black backing also brightened the camel yellow tones considerably.


Skyline R32 TT-02D


The R32 Skyline received Tamiya fluorescent orange paint with a bright silver backing to create a metallic effect. We applied the entire can of orange paint to the body for the richest tones possible. The result still looked a bit translucent, however. Three coats of bright silver were sprayed on next to create a stunning metallic finish.

We sprayed on a single coat of white paint as a backing, though it didn’t have much effect. Since the body ended up having some odd white spots, I would skip the white next time in favor of a darker backing. Some people state they’ve had good luck using a black, copper or red backing with the fluorescent orange.


Finishing Up With Tinted Windows

After finishing the painting process for all three cars, we carefully peeled back the tape on the windows. A couple coats of Tamiya smoke paint were applied to each one to create a tinted window effect. In my opinion, the effect turned out the best on the C10 body. On the Lancia and Skyline, it appears slightly blurry rather than a clean dark tint.

The bodies were fun to paint and turned out really well. They looked so good, in fact, that it was difficult to take them out bashing the next day. The only consolation was the thought of being able to paint new bodies once these ones start looking totally thrashed.

While we’re on the topic, do you guys have any suggestions for alternate bodies for the XV-01? The Lancia is already starting to look a little beat up!


Disclaimer: All Tamiya paint links are from my affiliate account at Amazon. Thank you in advance!