New RCs

The sunny season is quickly on its way, so I hope you all are ready to start running your cars at the track once again. If your old RC cars and trucks are too beat and battle-worn to live through another season, you may want to give them a rest by purchasing a brand new model. You can avoid delays by picking up RTR RC cars that are just raring to blast down the straights, hug tight corners and fly off the jumps. Here are three brand new RTR vehicles available for your springtime track days.

RS4 Sport 3

HPI released their newest RTR model, the shaft-driven RS4 Sport 3, late last year. The original $400 price tag has recently started dropping to affordable levels, depending on the body style and tire configuration you prefer. You can choose from the bright orange BMW E30 M3, urban camo Porsche 911 GT3R or the blue and white Subaru BRZ. The M3 comes equipped with treaded rubber tires, so you can start your street racing journey ASAP. Both the 911 and BRZ come with drift tires to suit their respective Flux and Drift designations. You will pay between $259.98 and 319.98 for these cars.

Team Associated Apex Scion Racing

Team Associated released their Apex with the 2015 Scion FR-S body to encourage serious competition on the tarmac. The four-wheel drive, aluminum shaft driven car can whip around the track without worry about small rocks or other debris in the way. The fluid-filled coilover shocks keep the car hugging the ground while traveling at high speeds or maneuvering around fast corners. The car can use up to a 2S lipo or 6 cell NiMh battery. You can add this car to your collection for just $259.98.


If you prefer a dirt capable short course truck, ARRMA has your back with their Fury BLX. This model comes brushless and ready to run to allow you to blast down the track on the day of its arrival. You can easily upgrade the motor and speed control in the future, as you see fit, of course. The use of strip-resistant hex hardware throughout the chassis allows for easy upgrades that keep your truck in great condition year after year. Drizzly springtime days won’t stop you, thanks to the stock waterproof components used throughout the build. The Fury BLX is just $259.98.

Disclaimer: I shop around for every purchase, but time and time again, Tower Hobbies offers the best deals. If you can find even better prices somewhere else, please let me know.

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4 New Cars Added To The Pack

Now that the holidays are over, I can share all of the new cars that joined our pack. Each of us in the family added a new vehicle to our collection. Our goal in obtaining these cars was to better enjoy our time at the local dirt track. The cars in this list are all highly capable taking the jumps, corners and straight aways at high speeds. Future upgrades will only serve to improve their performance in these areas. With the exception of the Fury, the following RC cars are completely stock at this time.



The ARRMA Fury Mega is a short course truck that comes ready to run. At first glance, you’ll notice that this truck looks a whole lot bigger than other 1/10 scale electric trucks. With its 21-inch length, 11-inch width and 8-inch height, this vehicle has a truly intimidating presence. This base model truck features a 15T brushed motor, programmed speed control and waterproof servo. The high traction tires are durable without compromising grip for run after run at the track. Since its purchase, the Fury has received a motor and ESC upgrade with the Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 5700.



My newest vehicle is the Traxxas Bandit Pink Edition. This ultra cute buggy performs exceptionally well on the local dirt track. In typical buggy style, this little vehicle launches off the jumps and lands smoothly every time. I received this buggy to replace my XV-01, which struggles with the large dirt jumps covered in thick carpet pads. This buggy also comes ready to run with a Titan 12T 550 motor, XL-5 ESC and 7-cell battery. All of the components are waterproof, which is definitely nice in rainy Seattle. The pink, black and yellow paint scheme looks great and is easy to spot on the track.



For our son, we picked up the rugged and powerful Craniac, as his first hobby RC. This red truck is styled as a realistic monster with fanged teeth and glaring eyes. The Craniac runs on the Stampede platform for never-ending wheelies, flips and speed runs. The RTR platform comes with a Titan 12T 550 motor, XL-5 speed control and 7 cell hump pack battery all in waterproof cases. The truck is designed to reach speeds up to 30 MPH stock. Until our boy learns the finer art of steering and throttle control, this RC is going to remain stock.



For her first hobby RC, our daughter received the Courtney Force Rustler by Traxxas. This colorful Rustler also comes ready to run with the typical Traxxas fare: 12T motor, XL-5 speed control and 7 cell battery pack in waterproof cases. The ProGraphix body features a beautiful color scheme in light blue, dark blue, red, black and green. This RC truck performs well on every surface imaginable from grass and dirt to tarmac and gravel. I expect that we will need to upgrade this truck in the near future as our daughter improves her handling abilities on the track.

Do you have any upgrade suggestions for our cars? Respond below with your build ideas.