4 Awesome Seattle RC Tracks

At first, open fields and empty parking lots give you plenty of room to play with your RC cars. Eventually, you will yearn for a challenging track that allows you to practice maneuvering around tight corners, going over jumps and blasting down the straights. Luckily, if you are in the Seattle area, there are several indoor and outdoor tracks to enjoy. You will have to try out each one to see which suits your vehicle type and driving style.

South SeaTac Outdoor Track

The off-road track in south SeaTac gives you a chance to race your buggy, rally car or truck on a well-designed dirt track. Several jumps allow for plenty of practice using throttle and braking controls to perfect your takeoffs and landings. A series of tight corners and a crossover section also provide a nice technical challenge to help you hone your driving skills. A covered, raised platform allows all racers to have an unimpeded view of the entire track. Plans are in the works to eventually construct an on-road course adjacent to the dirt track.

Kong RC Drift Track

A brand new indoor drift track, Kong RC Drift, opened on June 2nd in Lynnwood. The cordoned off track features an ultra smooth driving surface that helps you work on your drift angles. You can just drop in anytime from 2pm to 10pm on Tuesday through Saturday and noon to 8pm on Sunday to simply practice alone or with friends. The drift track shares space with the hobby store for instant access to replacement parts as needed. The shop also sells a wide range of hobby RCs, including all of the greatest drift cars available today.

Fantasy World Racing

Fantasy World Hobbies in Tacoma offers access to an outdoor on-road track for RC cars, trucks and buggies. You can come down on any clear Sunday throughout the race season, which runs from May to August, to participate. Each week, race organizers set up the track from scratch using PVC pipe barriers. You can show up early in the morning, at about 9am, to help build the track and sneak in a few practice laps. To participate in each car class, you will need to pay the $15 per person, or $25 per family.

Hangar 30

Seattle RC Racers club rents out Hangar 30 at Magnuson Park during their normal competition season. The group meets in the hangar each Wednesday night from September through April. Starting at 5pm, the group works together to build the track. Afterward, racers are allowed to complete a few practice runs. The actual competition tends to begin a couple hours after that. To participate, you do need to maintain ROAR membership and pay $15 per person, or $25 for families, for each vehicle class you run. While practicing and competing, you can stand on the raised platform for a clear view of the track space.

Makes sure to visit each track on this list to improve your driving skills, experience fun competitions and meet new friends.