Fresh Painted Raptor Body For The Stampede

In true monster truck fashion, the bodies on the Stampede suffer extreme damage from all of the high speed cartwheels and flips. The stock body ripped at the rear post holes within a couple months of occasional usage. Even the the replacement body, the ’72 C10 from Proline, also started to come apart along the bed section after just a few months.


Unfortunately, the damage not only ruins the aesthetics, but also allows the body to flop around uncontrollably down the straights and over jumps.

To replace the Chevy body, we picked up the new F-150 Raptor SVT body designed specifically for the Stampede. The bold styling of the Raptor is a good match for the performance of the monster truck chassis.

The body is clear to allow you to paint it any color you wish. We chose Tamiya PS-38 Translucent Blue for the initial coats and Tamiya PS-17 Metallic Green for the base coat. About five coats of each color were applied with a 10-minute break in between. After letting the paint dry for about an hour, the window masking stickers were removed. We applied a single coat of Tamiya PS-31 Smoke to tint the windows.

The blue and green layers combined to create a beautiful metallic teal color that slightly changes with the light. Unfortunately, without an additional backing, the paint remains somewhat transparent. You can easily see the wires and chassis inside in bright light or while standing at the right angle. We will likely mask the windows and apply a few coats of black or white paint to either darken or brighten the teal tones.

For now, here are the results..

In The Shade




In The Sunlight