Traxxas Stampede

In my free time, I enter sweepstakes for nearly everything under the sun. I am ecstatic to see sweepstakes for RC cars and trucks because they are so few and far between. I will post these sweepstakes as I see them to give all of my readers a chance to win new RC cars or trucks from the leading manufacturers.

Current RC Car Sweepstakes

Force RC is giving away a Traxxas 1/10 4×4 VXL Stampede. You can enter here to win.

Fishbowl Prizes is holding a giveaway for a HPI 1/10 Sprint 2 Drift 350Z. Follow this link to enter.

My beloved 350Z drift car

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3 Awesome Upgrades For Your 2WD Stampede

If you want to dramatically improve the performance of your two-wheel drive Stampede, you must think well beyond the typical brushless motor upgrades. As you may well know by now, the Stampede takes every opportunity to do wicked cartwheels and flips as you move through the corners and blast over jumps. Although this is great fun, constantly running down to flip your truck over can become tiresome while trying to learn or enjoy your local track. Luckily, you can easily improve the handling characteristics and overall performance of your Stampede by investing in the three following upgrades.

Big Bore Shock Set

The big bore shock set (5862) by Traxxas will instantly improve your vehicle’s ability to remain upright through the corners and land smoothly after taking big jumps. The shock bodies are made from hard-anodized aluminum that will stand up to an enormous amount of stress without breaking. The shafts are coated with titanium-nitride for improved durability and functionality.

The kit comes with springs installed and a small bottle of shock oil. In the future, you can improve your big bore shocks even more by investing in progressive rate springs and aluminum shock caps.

Pro-Line ProTrac Kit

The Pro-Line ProTrac kit (6062-00) is the ultimate way to widen the stance of your Stampede to improve its handling and overall stability. The upgraded arms and links will improve the strength of your build as well.

Since Pro-Line designed this kit for the Slash, the included rims will not fit your Stampede. Although you can purchase the other components separately, you will likely pay more than simply buying the full kit outright. You can offset your upgrade costs a bit by selling the short course wheels to RC enthusiasts in your area.

To ensure perfect fitment for this kit, you need to purchase 4mm rod ends (5525) from Traxxas. You will also need to run front rims in the stock 2.8 size all around to ensure your wheels match the offset requirements for this kit.  You can either buy new front rims and tires to put on the back, or just buy the rims and install your old rear tires to save your funds for other upgrades.

Wheelie Bar

You can help keep your Stampede from flipping and rolling by installing a purpose-built wheelie bar on the rear end. As the truck’s front wheel reach high in the air, the wheelie bar hits the ground to stabilize your vehicle. If you let off the throttle and lightly tap the brakes right as the wheelie bar hits the ground, your truck will return to its optimal position, so you can continue on your way.

Traxxas offers their wheelie bar in dark blue (3678X), bright green (3678A) or black (3678) to perfectly complement or contrast your truck’s color scheme. This bolt-on component is made from extremely durable molded nylon and features rubber tires. You can upgrade the wheelie bar tires to ones with red (5186) or blue (5186A) aluminum rims if you want to further customize the look of your Stampede.

Sourcing Your Stampede Upgrade Parts

Since Traxxas is well supported in almost every region, you can likely find these upgrades at your local hobby store. If you cannot, or just wish to save a few extra bucks, all of these parts are available from Amazon as well. You can use the part numbers listed above to search for your components on Amazon or order them from your local shop. Most 4WD and 2WD Traxxas parts tend to vary in size and fitment, so make sure to always verify the part numbers before completing your orders.

Check back to see how these upgrades turn out when installed on our son’s Craniac.

Soon to be upgraded. Stay tuned.
Soon to be upgraded. Stay tuned.